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As humans, we may not share the same skin color, religious beliefs or traditions - but we are commonly affected by the cycles of life from the moon.

Through our diverse beliefs and traditions, the moon affects numerous aspects of our lives.

My grandfather, an original cowboy of hispanic origin, used the cycles of the moon as a guide for performing animal castrations. If not performed during the correct moon cycle - the animal could die.

The moon is the foundation & driving force behind Moon Money. My family and I have personally experienced the positive nature and good fortune of Moon Money. Good fortune has come in many different ways. Let me name a few: 1) winning $500.00 in the state lottery. 2) needing to make a left turn onto a major street in Phoenix during rush hour and no visible car in either direction - that never happened until Moon Money! 3) a computer component accepted for return two months after the 30 day return policy expired. 4) the opportunity to travel to South America 5) college scholarship

No mater how big or small the good fortune - Moon Money has had a positive impact on our lives.

Cecilia Cornejo
Phoenix, Arizona


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