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  When I first started talking about Moon Money®, I had a wealth of personal stories to share. As Moon Money® began to be welcomed in many people's hearts, homes, and businesses, I received amazing and miraculous accounts! You can read about some of them here: Testimonials

NEW!  A Winning Office NEW!  A Convinced Convert
NEW!  A Believer NEW!  A Convinced Convert
NEW!  A Happy Surprise NEW!  A Lottery Winner II
NEW!  A Free Flight NEW!  A Job Offer
NEW!  A Moving Experience NEW!  Abundance
NEW!  A Business Boost NEW!  A Spring Surprise
NEW!  A Coincidence?! NEW!  A Show of Faith
NEW!  A Timely Tradition NEW!  A Bit of Good Fortune
NEW!  A Lottery Winner III NEW!  An Engaging Story
A Skeptical Lawyer A Corporate Gift Giver
A Scholarship Recipient A Lottery Winner
A New Job Holder A Happy Doctor
A Vegas Ten Grand Winner A Free Cruise Recipient
A Grateful Astrologer An Uplifted Consciousness
An Unexpected Gift A New Author
A Flourishing Business A Winning Streak
A Testimonial

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