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May 8, 1997

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Dear Cynthia:

The MOON MONEY is working again or should I say as usual.

I loved my free cruise to the Caribbean. The only thing I had to pay for were my souvenirs and some of my drinks on the ship. We had a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on Holland America Lines. The ship was great and also the cabin. We were on C-deck, which was at sea level, on the outer side. When the sea was rough the waves were above our porthole. It was Awesome! Airfare, cruise, and all that wonderful food FREE. Thank you MOON MONEY.

The latest incident with the MOON MONEY happened just yesterday. My daughter was in need of some fast cash to pay the dentist for my granddaughter. I had a $100.00 bill stashed for household expenses. I gave her the $100.00 bill as a gift, which she needed, but so did I to tell the truth. I opened my bills this morning to figure out where I stood in my finances. I opened my statement for the car insurance and to my surprise my rates had gone down $40.00. This was great. I opened my statement for S.R.P. We are on the budget plan and my payments are at a set rate. Again, because of some extra budgeting and staying on off time usage, my payment was decreased by $60.00 due to credit established. I not only got back the hundred dollars in one day but I will also save on the insurance for the next six months. That is the fastest turnaround I have ever experienced.

These are just a couple of experiences in the past three months. Thank you again and again.

Sincerely yours,

Peggy Roman


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