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I don't even remember where I heard about putting a solid silver coin in the window at New Moon and removing it at Full Moon to increase prosperity - but it works! In fact, acknowledging that it works is one of the magical ingredients - along with some faith! So, I want to acknowledge Cynthia Peden, for putting together the Moon Money packets, making it really easy for anyone - you don't even have to be an astrologer!

Now to share the fun stuff! I just got back from Hawaii, visiting with friends. I always thought I didn't have enough money to make the trip, but my friends found an advertisement for $295 tickets - about half the price! In Hawaii, I went wild - tried to buy everything in sight and still came home with more money than I usually start out with. What a treat!

Next we went shopping for a patio set. After a bit of shopping, we found one we liked - it was the last one in stock - so we got a huge discount. Next we went shopping for a salt-water aquarium and picked out a 100 gal. tank. They could not find the lights for that tank, so gave us the 125 gal. tank for the same price. That same weekend I went shopping for plants - bought the usual plants, the total was about half the normal amount and I still have plants left over! Abundance appears everywhere!

Our recent kitchen renovation took me shopping for a new dishwasher and stove. The dishwasher was full price, so I began to wonder what had happened to my Moon Money energy. Just then they showed me a stove that was less than half price because it had been returned. It was a little dirty on the top, but the oven had never been used! We also got a check for $85 from AT&T to see if we would switch to their $.15/min. rate. We cashed their check and continue to use the $.095/min. rate with a dial-up company!

A friend shared Moon Money packets with her two sons. One son, just got a $1000 bonus at work, along with a $2500 a year raise and another raise scheduled in December this year. He was told profit sharing would be low this year but got a check for $900. At a company meeting he won the $25 door prize and then, after the meeting, won a t-shirt at the pub across the street. Now he calls his mom and brother each month to make sure their coin is in the window!

I personally get a great joy out of giving Moon Money as gifts to friends who are in need of a "prosperity boost". For some reason, that little gift seems to really lift the spirits and gives a new sense of hope. If you have success stories - please share - and honor the Moon's wonderful, magical power to bring tides of increase into your life!


Reprinted from Vol. 2 Issue 2, Women With Wings, A Newsletter For Empowered Women


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