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Joel Erik Thompson, LTD.
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This is a letter from a skeptical and suspicious lawyer. I have been a lawyer for over 25 years and have been certified as a specialist in criminal law for over 15 years. I also spent eight years as a Superior Court judge. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I was a practicing engineer and have been a licensed professional engineer for 25 years.

Given the technical and legal background I have recited, it should not be surprising that I tend to view the world in concrete, as opposed to abstract terms. I have also spent the major part of my life involved with people charged with serious crimes. Given that background, I am used to attempts to mislead and deceive me and I doubt anyone would describe me as gullible.

I have known Cynthia Peden for over five years and during that time I have utilized her skills in my professional office and personal financial matters. I have entrusted her with knowledge and responsibilities for a wide range of my financial transactions. When she first spoke to me about Moon Money, I felt obligated to be polite and listen. But the idea that this concept would have a profound affect on my life and finances seemed far-fetched.

However, based on my regard for Cynthia, I allowed her to put Moon Money in both my home and my residence. Not long after that, I resolved a dispute that had been ongoing with a very large corporate adversary. The resolution was very beneficial to me and provided a financial settlement that has had a serious impact on my lifestyle. Several months later, I received an unsolicited telephone call from a prominent law firm. Although I was not looking for any change in my professional employment, the offer that they made to me was too favorable to turn down.

There have been a variety of other specific instances of unplanned and unexpected events that have been financially advantageous. Is this a result of the Moon Money in my home and business? I'm skeptical and uncertain, but I also make sure to have my Moon Money in place at the appropriate time each month. I'm not totally convinced, but I'm not taking any chances either!

Joel Erik Thompson


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