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Hi Cynthia

I didn't expect to be writing to you so soon - my 'moon money' hasn't even fully charged yet and already I've had my very first win on the premium bonds (I have never won on them before). I got home from work last Tuesday, opened the mail and found a cheque inside - I had won 50.00. Many, many thanks and I hope I'll be writing to you again soon!

Kind regards



Hi Cynthia

Since purchasing my moon money in January this year I have had unbelievable money luck. You may remember I wrote and told you I had won 25 on the premium bonds? Well I won again in February, again in March again in May and again in June. In fact I was quite disappointed when I didn't win in April! That is not the only money luck - I cannot believe the opportunities that have come my way to earn extra cash.(I showed a friend who has a shop a calico bag I had made, she ordered 20 of them!

The latest things that have happened - I ordered some curtains last week to be made and when they were ready I was told that a mistake had been made by the shop in calculating the amount and they had undercharged me by 80 and as it was their fault they said they would not ask me for the extra cash. But today, guess what?

I purchased 20 metres of material to loose-cover my sofa and chairs - I paid the bill and took the material home. When I arrived home I noticed that I was charged 40 instead of 80! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to purchase this wonderful coin, I often touch it and silently thank it. There have been other monetary gains since January but far too many to mention. Thank you again.



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