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June 17th, 2003

Dear Cynthia,

I thought I should write you and tell you about the last couple of months.

I first put my Moon Money on the window sill at my condo on May 1st, the new moon and I also put one on the window sill in front of my desk at work.

May - I arrived at a car wash on a Saturday morning, only to find 'no one' there, when its usually packed with a lineup.
- In 4 instances, I was speeding and passed 4 policecars...however none of them stopped me and gave me a speeding ticket...whew!
- I had new windows put in my condo, however I was hoping that they wouldn't get put in until the end of the month...well thanks for the tons of snow that fell in the middle of May, they postponed it to the end of May, as I didn't want to take the silver coin out of my window before the full moon.
- My boyfriend came over one Saturday and fixed several small repairs at my condo.
- The lawyer in the office next to my desk (Mr. B.) won $197.00 in a lottery.
- I won $12 in the lotteries.
- Our office also plays the lottery at work and we won $10 and a free ticket.

June (so far) - I won $12 and a free ticket in the lotto.
- Again I was speeding (not that I do it all the time or anything!!), but I passed another police car and he didn't even stop me.
- My daughter won a trophy for the being the Most Improved Player on her basketball team, at a Sports Banquet at her high school - she was surprised!
- My daughter also received $100 in tips (for about 3 weeks of work) (she is a bus girl at a trendy restaurant)....she was so excited, as she didn't think she got any tips.
- 16 of us played the lottery at work and we won $183.00 and a free ticket!
- Mr. B. (in the office next to my desk), won $97.00 in a lottery.
- The 16 of us won the lottery a second time in a row this month, this time we won $167.00 and 2 free tickets.

I find it very interesting at work, that Mr. B's windows run along the same side of the building where I put the Moon Money. Our office is on the 24th floor and faces south, so the Moon Money sees the moon from new stage to full stage. I don't know if this makes a difference or not, as in my condo, my Moon Money sees the new moon, however I cannot see the full moon from that window, unless I go to the other side of the condo.

And its so cool that the 16 of us have already won about $350 this month and Mr. B has also won. Thanks MOON MONEY! I hope the good luck continues and only gets bigger and better!


Pattie in Edmonton, Alberta


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