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Lisa J. Palm

The first day that I put the Moon Money in the windowsill in January 1997, we received $10,000 in the mail. The money was a wedding gift and we had not expected to receive that much money. Also, our wedding had occurred 7 months earlier, yet the check came the same day I put out the silver Moon Money.

Almost everyday since, I have received wealth either in a financial, emotional, or spiritual form. The benefits range from finding coins on the street, a dollar bill in the grocery store, being invited to attend a free workshop (valued at $1500), getting great parking spaces at stores, and doing very well in sales where I had been working (and where I purchased the Moon Money - Phases of the Moon in Phoenix). Friends have treated me to meals, I was given two purses, and we were also taken on a week-long ski trip with all expenses paid!

One of the funnest Moon Money stories was when I attended a convention of 350 women in February. They raffled off gifts and I won the most desirable gift of the weekend, which was a new product the company had designed!

I believe that the Moon Money has made me more conscious of my success professionally and over the past 4 months, including a surprise check my husband received from a colleague which was a year late!

I have given the Moon Money to almost 30 friends and relatives whom all have had interesting stories such as mine. One friend was just awarded a grant for $150,000 which had taken a long time to process while another friend is involved in a new business with great earning potential!

I am not solely basing my successes on the Moon Money as I believe hard work, planning, and passion contribute greatly. However, the Moon Money has helped me pay more attention to the simple successes and affirm my belief that timing, energy, and fate also play a part in obtaining wealth.

I look forward to more Moon Money months ahead!

Lisa J. Palm
Phoenix, Arizona


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